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...And the Blog is Done

Wow, did I have big plans for this! With life and work and my inability to be consistent with the internet, a blog is not for me friends. Hope you enjoyed the THREE WHOLE POSTS :)

There are honestly so many amazing travel blogs out there, and I'm a big believer that if I don't have anything differentiated to add, I don't want to add at all. This goes for pretty much any platform I'm on. The internet is cluttered with content as is. That said, if you ever want to follow along with somewhat timely updates of my life and photography, Instagram (@kristinavateva) is where that would be at the moment (though who knows given the state of social media imploding around us).

I'll leave you with this - if there is any one trip/destination I recommend more than anywhere else, it's Alaska!

Here's what Ansel Adams had to say about it:

"I am convinced, after only two visits to 'The Great Land', that Alaska is one of the most impressive reservoirs of beauty and wildness - an inexhaustible resource for creative interpretation."

Hard to follow the great A.A. but Alaska is the only place that has brought me to tears around every corner. The untouched wilderness is astounding. The glaciers are on such a massive scale it's hard to comprehend. And the people are incredibly kind. Anchorage is a great 'base camp' for first time visitors. From there you can head to Prince William Sound for kayaking amidst glaciers falling into the sea. Or to Denali NP and the surrounding meadows and ridges. Or to the incredible Chugach Range (some of which is accessible 15 mins from the city).

Alright, I did my part. I recommended the greatest place on earth. My work here is done.

Lots of love,


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